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About Us

At HSBC, we exist to open up a world of opportunity. We bring together people, ideas and capital that nurture progress and growth so as to create a better world. This means keeping up-to-date with every new innovation and discovery, from leveraging cloud processing capabilities, implementing simple machine learning, to screen transactions for sanctions purposes, and using advanced analytics to improve effectiveness, efficiency and the customer experience. At HSBC, we strive for collaboration to build a stronger, more resilient world. 

Futurum! 2022
 We seek to work with fintechs and showcase real-world problems here at HSBC. Demonstrate your creative coding and problem-solving skills at Futurum! 2022. Apply to participate and meet other fintech players from the area while learning about what we do at HSBC.

Problem Statements

Futurum! 2022 aims to identify and enable solutions and/or business models that have the potential to solve up-and-coming issues in the pillars of sustainability, health & wellness, and open banking.

It seeks to tackle the following challenges in the landscapes below.

1. Sustainability - Carbon Tracking

How can we build a user-friendly solution to enable tracking and a better understanding of the carbon footprint of customers’ payment decisions?

With the rising levels of interest and our commitment to sustainable goals and the net-zero movement, we seek to support our customers in their journey to understand their sustainability content through educational content and their CO2 footprint

2. Sustainability - Carbon Offsetting

How might we provide engaging, tailor-made action plans (banking and non-banking) to assist our customers in reducing their carbon footprint?

Leveraging the carbon tracking insights, we would like to support customers by enabling them to take action towards cultivating greener habits and sustainable banking

3. Sustainability - Trust & Confidence

How may we create a solution to heighten a customer’s understanding of ESG investments (without sacrificing returns), provide them with personalized recommendations and also lend us credibility in investments (ie. Certification)?

Trust factor – customers are concerned about green washing. How do we enhance that trust?

Confidence–Current ESG investment/ UT seems to have lower yield given the shorter history. How do we overcome that?

4. Health & Wellness

How might we leverage customers’ H&W data to provide additional retail and wealth banking value to the customer?

Customers are increasingly concerned about ensuring wellness across physical, mental and emotional health

Multiple insurers are already offering Health & Wellness (H&W) solutions in SGH e.g. Vitality

Post the acquisition of AXA, HSBC can support customers’ H&W goals more holistically as a Bank and Insurer

5. Health & Wellness

How might we include partners to deliver incremental value in creating a superior and differentiating H&W proposition?

Customers are increasingly concerned about ensuring wellness across physical, mental and emotional health

Multiple insurers are already offering Health & Wellness (H&W) solutions in SGH e.g. Vitality

Post the acquisition of AXA, HSBC can support customers’ H&W goals more holistically as a Bank and Insurer.

6. Open Banking

How might we include partners, data and solutions to deliver incremental value for customers through SGFindex, the Singapore Open Banking system?

With the increasing needs for customers to control over their personal financial data, Open Banking enables this shifts from the current closed model of banking, where each bank retains and controls the data it collects about its customers, back to the customers.

In an Open Banking system, customers can decide who has permission to access their data. This could be other banks or even providers outside the financial services industry.

Some of the benefits to customers could include: Access to more reliable, tailored, and personalised financial advice, the ability to view and make changes to all your banking accounts and products on a single screen even if they are held with different financial institutions, and recommendations for more relevant/ suitable banking products

Customers will have to provide their consent to allow access to the sharing of their own personal information in this way.


A Total of $18,000 USD in Cash Prizes to be Won!

Stand a chance to win the following when you participate in Futurum! 2022.

$3,000 USD per winning team of each problem statement
The chance to bring your idea to life
Winners to be announced during the 2022 Singapore Fintech Festival


1. Fintechs must be legally registered companies in their country of origin
2. An entity or individuals who are of age eighteen years and above and are eligible to enter into a contractual agreement.
3. All materials and communications submitted must be in English.
4. By participating in the Futurum! 2022, all entrants or participants will be deemed to have accepted the following terms and conditions.

*Do note that the completion of the participant profile page is necessary for proper consideration by judges. This involves filling up the participant profile details fully and thoroughly.


Are there any geographical restrictions on who can participate?

No. The physical location of the participant does not matter. We welcome solutions from all countries and will work with the participants to facilitate an effective presentation of the solution during the judging phase. Do take note we may invite the finalists to conduct the final presentation in person at HSBC. For the final presentation, it will be conducted on the week of October 17th, 2022. Dates will be confirmed closer to the final presentations. Should your team be shortlisted for the final presentations, you should be available at this specified time and date to qualify for winning.

Can I take part in Futurum! 2022 if I only have an idea but not the capability to build out the solution?

In Futurum! 2022, deliverables upon shortlisting include a prototype (proof-of-concept) that we will eventually be evaluated. Hence, teams are expected to show reasonable capability to build their solutions to that level for this hackathon.

Can my company submit more than 1 proposal to different problem statements?

You may submit a maximum of 1 solution per problem statement. We do encourage companies to send in solutions to every problem statement that you may have a solution for. Each problem statement will be evaluated independently.

What is the format of the Futurum!2022?

Applications will be received only through APIX platform. The Hackathon shall run in two phases with Ideation in the first proposal phase and Solution Development in the second phase. HSBC will shortlist the most promising ideas for the second phase wherein the participants will have to submit the working solution/running code/prototype, on APIX platform. The winners will be selected from the shortlisted products based on the final presentation and the demo at end of the program.

Who do I contact if I cannot submit my proposal through APIX platform (i.e technical difficulties)?

Please contact APIX tech support (apixsupport@afin.tech).


For Futurum! 2022 related queries, please reach out to

For technical queries during registration or proposal submission process, please reach out to