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About Us

Co-Creating a Healthier and Wealthier world

At Prudential, our purpose is to help people get the most out of life. 

The PRU Fintegrate Partnership programme is Prudential’s flagship open innovation programme for Design, Tech and Student communities around the world to reimagine health and wealth outcomes, and contribute creative solutions to business challenges.

Last year, we were inspired by the 99 submissions received from across Asia, Africa, Europe and America. We have gone on to commission exciting new projects, offer jobs to and collaborate with selected PRU Fintegrate 2020 finalists.

This year, through our 3 exciting Challenge Statements, we similarly invite you to tell us how you can help entire national populations, or a particular demographic group, to lead healthier lives or manage their wealth with more resilience.

Do also look out for our brand new Digital Adoption Challenge, where we hope to inspire meaningful community actions. You are encouraged to explore Prudential’s Pulse app and actually try out creative and impactful ways of helping your communities to benefit from its health and wealth features.

Looking forward to all your bold, pragmatic and inspirational submissions, across all Challenge Statements!

Why join?

  • Partner with one of the world's largest life insurers and draw on the organisation’s network and resources to turn ideas into reality.
  • Opportunity to create health and wealth solutions for both urban and underserved markets.
  • Monetise your business and accelerate your product rollout across Asia and Africa.
  • Opportunity to showcase your solution at the Singapore FinTech Festival.
  • Students get to develop skills, build their portfolios and score an internship opportunity with us.

Problem Statements

Prudential is looking to build an ecosystem of partners who can work with us to solve complex social and business challenges with creative solutions. So, whether you have a full fledged solution you can let us test out through APIs on the APIX platform, or just an idea of what could be, we invite you to be part of our PRU Fintegrate journey.

Listed below are 3 Challenge Statements which your team can participate in. 
Category A (Ideas Only) for all Challenge Statements 
Category B (Nutrition and Vibrant Platform Challenge Statement, Solutions Only)
Category C (Digital Adoption, Solutions Only) 

More details can be found within the Support Document which can be accessed by clicking into each Challenge Statement.

Open Innovation Challenge 1: Nutrition

How might we make it easy for people to adopt healthier and sustainable food choices?

Value Seekers
Healthy and sustainable food choices are often more expensive than food bought on the run. Fast food is always available,  usually cheap but often nutritionally inferior undermining the health of our communities.

How might we help people plan value-for-money and sustainable meals without sacrificing nutritional quality, taste and convenience?

Families with children
From cradle to grave, food brings families together building a sense of belonging improving health and well-being. Children learn lifelong lifestyle and eating habits from their caregivers. Eating together leads to healthier habits and great dietary diversity in children.

How might parents and caregivers help children learn healthy eating habits that carry them through life?

Individuals at risk
Poor eating habits and food choices, along with physical inactivity, increases the risk of diabetes and obesity. Helping people develop healthier habits using enabling and supportive tools such as shopping, meal planning and activity buddies will reduce disease risk.

How might we help people with pre-diabetes or who are at risk of obesity adopt healthier food habits?

Open Innovation Challenge 2: Vibrant Platform

How might we make Pulse a vibrant platform for users to discover and engage deeply with health and wealth solutions?

Engaged Users
Consistency matters when trying to improve health and wealth outcomes. Yet many of us don’t always do what we know to be right.

What are challenges that users are already tackling and how might Pulse reimagine better, more sticky solutions to them?

Synergistic Partnerships
Every local community has its champions who are already helping people to be healthier and wealthier. These may be companies, community groups or individuals.

How might Pulse amplify the work of local health and wealth champions in a commercially sustainable way?

Sustainable Business Model
A sustainable ecosystem helps its participants to do well by doing good. FinTechs/ HealthTechs, Prudential, Pulse users should all get a fair economic and social return for their efforts.

What are some innovative ways we can structure our health and wealth initiatives on Pulse, so everybody wins?

Open Innovation Challenge 3: Digital Adoption

How might the Pulse app be used to improve health and wealth outcomes in our local communities?

Pandemic Solos
Pulse contains a trove of useful features, including the health and symptom checkers and wealth propositions.

How might we encourage individuals to deep dive into Pulse’s features from the comfort of their homes?

Care Circles
Often, it’s just more fun when our friends and social groups are also involved. Bonus points if you have actually tried it out and have practical feedback to share!

How might your community or company use any Pulse feature in a fun way to improve health or wealth outcomes?

Online Nudges
Social media can provide a powerful context in which people pursue their health and wealth goals.

How might we leverage the power of online nudges to reach more with positive health and wealth messages?


What's In It For You

Shortlisted submissions will get a chance to:

Showcase Your Solutions at Singapore FinTech Festival 2021
Win Attractive Cash Prizes, Monetise Your Solutions
Be Part of the Prudential Innovation Community


  • We welcome submissions to PRU Fintegrate 2021 from EVERYONE.

  • We especially encourage participation from the Design, Tech and Student communities, as well as female-led teams.

  • Business professionals with ideas on building sustainable business models will find Challenge Statement 2 interesting.

  • Scale-ups with a proven track record in creating solutions that can be applied at scale and speed might be interested in scaling their products and services through PRU Fintegrate 2021.

  • Social groups or companies/ organisations who have benefited from the Pulse app are encouraged to share their use cases for Challenge Statement 3, to win cash prizes and inspire others to action.

  • Our Solutions Clinics in October will give you insights on how you can use your expertise to improve health and wealth outcomes for the world.


Can I sign up as an individual?

Yes you are welcome to sign up as an individual, an organisation or in informal team groupings. If you are taking part as an individual, please fill in only your personal contact details in the field for core team members.

Can I take part in PRU Fintegrate 2021 if I only have an idea but not the capability to build out the solution?

Yes, we are crowdsourcing novel ideas and design hacks (Category A) as much as we are looking for the technical folks to build out actual solutions (Category B) for us. We also encourage you to take part in the Digital Adoption Challenge by helping the community to benefit from existing features on the Pulse app ( (Category C).

Does my solution need to focus exclusively on one Challenge Statement?

No, your solution can aim to address the needs covered by more than one Challenge Statement. Ultimately, the respective Challenge Statement owners will assess if your solution meets their core requirements.

Can I submit multiple entries?

Yes, we encourage you to respond to every Challenge Statement that you think you might have a solution for. Multiple entries would be considered and more than one of your solutions might be selected. Do take note that we evaluate proposals on a rolling basis, as and when they are submitted. Therefore, it does not mean that when you submit multiple entries and only 1 has been selected, the others have been eliminated. In fact, all other entries will be considered by a committee at intervals and we will inform you by 5 November if your proposal has been selected for Pitch Day on 11 November

How do I get started in finding solutions to the Challenge Statements?

Below are some questions to help you get started for each Challenge Statements. We hope they are useful in starting your brainstorming process. Don’t let them limit your creativity though! The sky is the limit! a) Is your solution user-centric? b) Are there any existing tools which can be incorporated into your ideas and/or solutions? c) Is it a win-win outcome for users, Prudential and/ or our partners? d) What would make the solution economically viable? e) What would make the solution sustainable? f) Try using the Design Innovation Method Cards developed by Prudential and SUTD Design Innovation Team. Based on the 4Is Framework, these cards introduce an initial set of tools and methodologies to help start your own innovative projects.

What are the criteria for evaluation?

Please refer to the Support Document found within each Challenge Statement above.

Solutions Clinics

With Prudential, a Hackathon is as much an opportunity to co-create as it is a competition. We have planned for 4, one hour Solutions Clinics where you can ask our various team leads all the questions you have on PRU Fintegrate, on what we are currently already doing, on Pulse or on specific Challenge Statements.

Ahead of these 3 sessions (on 15 October, at 10am and 4pm and on 19 October at 11am), do share your
questions/ topics of interest so we can make sure that the right experts are present to help with your queries:

For Thailand-based participants who have questions or need help refining your ideas and solutions, feel free to sign up for the Thai Q&A session on 18 October, at 5pm! Please sign up for the Thai session through this link:

Please find the Solutions Clinics recording sessions below:
Solutions Clinics (Challenge statement)
Solutions Clinics (Pulse and Integration)

Women in Tech Panel Discussions

Prudential has a strong culture of inclusion and diversity. As part of PRU Fintegrate 2021, we will be organising 2 panel discussions: a global forum for Prudential staff and a public panel.

We are bringing together talented women and male allies to envision a more inclusive and diverse Tech workplace. Join us to connect with like-minded people and reimagine the future of Tech together!

Further details will be shared via email upon registration.

Register your interest in the Women in Tech Panel Discussions here.

Register for the Women in Tech Panel Discussions (Internal Discussion) here.

AWARDS: Category A

Grand Winner
Project Name - Pulse Cat: Fun Chat Buddy

Challenge Winner (Nutrition)
Project Name - Change the Environment
Challenge Winner (Vibrant Platform)
Project Name - PRUAgent QR code-based verification system
Challenge Winner (Digital Adoption)
Project Name - EPIC Adventures - Connecting Communities Locally

Challenge Merit Winners (Nutrition)
Project Name - PRU Nutri for Family
Project Name - Make Healthy Eating Easier
Challenge Merit Winners (Vibrant platform)
Project Name - InsureUs
Project Name - e-Tourism Mobile App-Zambia

Bonus Award – Top team with 50% or more women
Project Name - FinCube: Engaging Gen
Zs through Savings towards Personal Goals

Bonus Award – Most Outstanding Women in Tech
Name - Swati Sucharita


For PRU Fintegrate 2021 related queries, please reach out to

For technical queries during registration or proposal submission process, please reach out to