Singapore India Hackathon 2023



Startup Track

Winner: Haqdarshak
1st Runner-Up: Pawsible Foods
2nd Runner-Up: Pints

Student Track

Winner: Team Foxtrot
1st Runner-Up: Team Charli
2nd Runner-Up: Team Lima

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Important Timelines
  • Registration Open

  • Proposal Submission Deadline

  • Shortlist Announcement

  • Demo Day, IIT Gandhinagar, India

  • Award Distribution

All timings are as per (GMT +8:00) Singapore, Beijing, Perth, Hong Kong
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About Us

History: The first Singapore India Hackathon (SIH) was launched in Singapore by the Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi and the Prime Minister of Singapore Mr Lee Hsien Loong in 2018 to harness and show case the innovation potential of youth of the two countries. 

Singapore India Hackathon 2023: After a gap due to COVID, SIH 2023 shall be held in India as part of the G20. It is a special initiative of Singapore to support in further building goodwill and bilateral education cooperation in innovation and entrepreneurship between start-ups and students in both nations. It would take place in Gandhinagar, Gujarat on the side lines of the G20 Finance Minister's meeting to be held from 16-17 July. SIH 2023 would seek to advance the model of the Singapore and NTU’s triple helix framework of government, industry, academic partnership.

Singapore India Hackathon Themes: The two key themes for SIH 2023 are Fintech and Sustainability & ESG.

Singapore India Hackathon Objective: The Hackathon offers a unique opportunity for Singapore and India to forward their economic development through collaboration in education, science & technology, and exchange of thoughtful leadership. Working and collaborating on projects involving varied skilled individuals helps develop cross country bonds and learn from each other’s strengths as well as get acquainted with each other’s culture, values and work ethics.

Problem Statements for Singapore India Hackathon

The Hackathon has two tracks: Student and Startup

STUDENT TRACK: Singapore and India will each identify 24 students through their respective national challenges. For Singapore, NTUitive shall conduct the challenge and for India, All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) shall conduct the challenge. These final 48 students shall be paired up in 12 teams comprising 4 students – 2 each from Singapore and India. These student teams shall compete problem statements in Fintech and ESG.

START-UP TRACK: Startups shall submit their proposals to the problem statements. Top 24 finalists shall work on the solution and showcase their products to select dignitaries in the grand finale in Gandhinagar, Gujrat, India.

Delivering Financial Literacy at Scale

Financial literacy and education challenges confront developing economies and advanced economies alike.

Financial literacy and education challenges confront developing economies and advanced economies alike. Improving financial literacy is correlated with decreasing the risk of personal financial distress, increasing the effective management of money and debt, as well as the increased ability to make better financial decisions. How can we create a simple yet engaging phygital (physical+digital)/digital platform, tool or experience that brings to life financial education at great scale in order to improve understanding of basic financial concepts and equip people across Asia to make more informed financial choices regarding saving, investing, insuring, borrowing and more. The platform/tool/experience should also take into account different language/ vernacular capabilities.

Enhance Singapore-India Trade Connectivity

Trust is always the top concern in conducting cross-border trade and overseas expansion.

Trust is always the top concern in conducting cross-border trade and overseas expansion. How can we create a secured and automated platform for the accreditation, certification, and validation of proof-of-work or quality of work of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) to accelerate to boost trade connectivity between Singapore and India?

Financial Fraud Detection

Financial fraud and misconduct are one of the biggest issues in safety and soundness of the Financial Sector.

Financial fraud and misconduct are one of the biggest issues in safety and soundness of the Financial Sector. Financial institutions have expensive and onerous processes to verify transactions for potential insider trading. How can we better recognise patterns of fraudulent behaviour to automatically flag potential insider trades?

Monitoring Carbon Footprint

Most consumers are not aware of their carbon footprint in their daily consumption habits.

Most consumers are not aware of their carbon footprint in their daily consumption habits. As a result of this lack of awareness and education, there is a general impression that this is not my problem and that there is nothing they should do or change in their daily habits to reduce carbon footprint. For example, most consumers don’t know that the fashion industry produces about 10% of carbon emissions, which is more than the maritime and international flights combined. How can consumers be better educated about carbon emissions and the major contributors to rising carbon footprint in the world? The solution would not only educate, but possibly incorporate gamification elements to encourage consumers to reduce their carbon footprint. This software app should not only be educational, but fun as well to encourage consumers and/or family units to be more conscious of their carbon footprint while taking necessary steps to reduce direct and indirect carbon emissions. Once consumer adoption has taken off, governments or corporates can even contribute by providing incentive awards to families or individuals who generate low carbon emissions.

Optimizing Food Recycling

Everyday, tonnes of food in urban cities is thrown away because they could not be consumed before expiry.

Everyday, tonnes of food in urban cities is thrown away because they could not be consumed before expiry. Food wastage not only has a big impact on the environment, but also could have been better used to feed communities in need. Create a platform that connects food suppliers (restaurants, grocery stores, catering services) with local food banks and non-profit organisations. The platform should use data analytics to optimise food rescue routes, minimize transportation costs, and maximize benefits to communities in need. Instead of throwing away food that is close to expiry, or has been cooked but not consumed, can we organise rescue efforts for these food items so that they can be redistributed to those in need? Collection and redistribution logistics are key, and the app should optimise timing and route transport so as to minimize transport costs while ensuring food does not sit around and spoil while waiting to be re-distributed to those in need. Transport distances also cannot be too far for the same reasons.

Sea level Rise and Coastal Flooding

As global warming continues, sea levels are projected to rise, leading to an increased risk of coastal flooding in many cities worldwide.

As global warming continues, sea levels are projected to rise, leading to an increased risk of coastal flooding in many cities worldwide. In Asia, several cities are particularly vulnerable to this threat due to their low-lying topography, large populations, and insufficient infrastructure. Develop an engaging web platform or mobile app that improves public awareness of coastal flooding issues. Integrate GIS data, infrastructure information to provide users and urban planners with different scenarios of flood risks. Invite users to contribute to data collection and analysis by reporting flood events, photo sharing or participating in flood risk mapping initiatives. This software app should be able to provide users with basic scenario analysis of flood risk scenarios based on different levels of sea level rise. Which areas are most vulnerable and what other areas will be vulnerable if sea levels rise further? Invite users to crowdsource data collection on flooding through photo sharing and/or other data collection initiatives.


Winners will be awarded Cash Prizes

Cash awards are as below

SGD 20,000
First Runners up
SGD 15,000
Second Runners up

SGD 10,000


Student Track: Students studying in India or Singapore's Institutes of Higher Learning

Startup Track: Any startup globally


Who can apply?

Startup Track: Any startup globally

Can I apply in both student and startup track?

You must apply only in one track.

Is there a registration fee?

No, there is no registration fee.

How many problem statements can I apply for?

You must apply to only one problem statement.

Can I submit multiple entries?

No, you must send only one entry.

Do I need to be a registered company to apply under startup track?

Yes, your startup must be registered.

Do I need to submit a solution after being shortlisted?

Yes, the shortlisted entities need to submit a working solution which would be evaluated to decide the winners.

How much is the prize money?

Startup Track: Winner: SGD 20,000, First Runner up: SGD 15,000, Second Runner up: SGD 10,000.

Will the information shared be kept confidential?

The information provided will be shared only on a need-to-know basis within the relevant event and evaluation teams. The information provided will be retained post the program for audit purposes.

Can I request for re-evaluation in case I am not satisfied with the Judges' decision?

No, you cannot request for re-evaluation. The decision of the judges shall be final and binding.

Is there any travel support provided?

1. SGD 1500 Stipend 2. Accommodation at IIT Gandhinagar 3. Food and Hospitality

Proposal Questions you need to answer

Note: The Submit Proposal button to answer the below-mentioned proposal questions will appear on the landing page after your successful registration.

1 Kindly elaborate on how your solution solves the problem statement?
2 Kindly elaborate on the key impacts and benefits of your solution to the selected problem statement. What are some of the projected positive market impacts of your solution if implemented?
3 What methods have you used to quantify the impact of the solution provided?
4 Kindly elaborate on the key competitive advantages of your proposed solution.
5 Please indicate the present stage of your solution.
6 Is your solution currently available and implemented within your local market and/or other jurisdictions? Kindly elaborate as required
7 Please describe your solutions's growth and revenue model. How do you to intend to expand your presence across markets?
8 Kindly elaborate on any notable implementations, accolades or awards received for your solution.
9 Kindly elaborate on details of your core team members; name, designation, experience and their current role and contributions to your team.
10 If short-listed, would you or your team be available to present in person in Gandhinagar at the Demo Day in July?

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