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Young Innovator Challenge 2024 Timeline
  • Registration & Submit Proposals

  • Publish the result

  • Side Activities

  • Semi-final

  • Final Round

All timings are as per (GMT +7:00) Bangkok, Hanoi, Jakarta
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About Us

Proud to be at the forefront of innovation and adaptability, the Faculty of Economics at UEF is committed to providing high-quality economic workforce training that meets societal needs and global integration demands. Our mission is to cultivate comprehensive, dynamic, and innovative individuals through an environment of academic freedom and research. We aim to develop practical skills, professionalism, and social responsibility by closely connecting with businesses and the community. Aspiring to lead within UEF, the Economics Department strives to be the cradle of successful global citizens ready to contribute to society.


The Young Innovators program aims to foster innovative solutions by supporting projects that address environmental challenges and promote sustainable development.

Dry and Wet Waste Management

Mixing of dry and wet waste is notoriously known for several problems:
1. Nasty foul greenhouse gases when they break down in landfills.
2. Sewage line choking causing heavy waterlogs.

Come up with a technologically driven innovative solution to segregate dry and wet waste in an efficient manner.

Excessive use of electronic signal equipment affects the life of birds, animals, and humans.

Nowadays using phones, sticking to your laptop, using all electronic devices may seem reasonable to people. But it is harming our planet. 

Give a solution that controls the use of these equipment.

Groundwater contamination

Groundwater contamination is known to kill 1in every 4 hours as per Bengaluru news. The situation is even worse in Indian villages. 

Devise solutions to help track proper monitoring of water contamination level and purifications in the rural background.

Plastic Pollution in Oceans

At least 8 million tons of plastic end up in the oceans every year and makeup 80% of all marine debris from surface water to deep-sea sediments. Marine species ingest or suffer entanglement by various plastic waste, which causes severe injuries and deaths.

Develop a sustainable, feasible, and affordable methodology that will ensure the effective decontamination of ocean water.


A total of 50 million VND in Cash Prizes await the Winners

Cash Prizes awaits those who favors the bold.

VND 30.000.000
Cash prize money for the 1st prize
VND 15.000.000
Cash prize money for the 2nd prize
VND 5.000.000

Cash prize money for the 3rd prize


First and foremost, the Organizing Committee of the "Creative Entrepreneurial Talent Competition 2024" extends our warmest greetings to you.

The University of Economics and Finance, Ho Chi Minh City (UEF), is renowned as an international bilingual university with modern facilities, dedicated faculty members, and a motto of "University - Enterprise - Students." With the desire to provide students with maximum opportunities to develop their creative abilities, the UEF Economics Department has organized the "Creative Entrepreneurial Talent Competition 2024" to create a wholesome academic playground for students passionate about entrepreneurship. The competition serves as a platform for students to explore entrepreneurial stories and ignite the spirit of entrepreneurship under the theme of "Digital Entrepreneurship."

To ensure the success and meaningfulness of the competition for our students, we sincerely seek your partnership as Sponsors. We firmly believe that your support will greatly contribute to the success of the competition and serve as invaluable encouragement for us. Details regarding the benefits of sponsorship are outlined in the following sections.

The Organizing Committee of the "2024 Creative Startup Talent" Contest would like to send our most sincere thanks for the valuable and practical contributions that businesses have made to the contest and the students in particular - Those who have a passion for creativity and entrepreneurship in general.

The organizing committee looks forward to hearing from you soon. Sincere thanks and wish your business happiness and prosperity!


Am I Eligible?

"Young Innovators 2024" welcomes UEF students and all University students in the Ho Chi Minh City area.

Are there any other requirements?

Ideas that have won high prizes in competitions in the past 2 years are not eligible to participate. Ideas/projects must be developed by students/groups of students themselves, not copied, not violating intellectual property. If there is any dispute, the organizers will cancel the exam results.

What are the maximum/minimum members to create a team?

Students can participate individually or in groups with no more than 5 members per team.

How will the winning proposals be selected?

There will be three rounds of evaluation to find the best projects. Proposals will first be reviewed by the organizers and experts to shortlist up to 20 projects to enter the Semi-Finals. In the Semi-Finals, each team will have a maximum of 5 minutes to present information about their entrepreneurial idea/project to the Coaches & Judging Panel. 8 teams will be chosen based on the coaches' decisions. Each coach selects 2 teams to proceed to the Final Round for project implementation. In the Final Round, the group of contestants present their project to investors for a maximum of 3 minutes, and answer questions from investors for a maximum of 10 minutes.

Where can I find more details about what's happening throughout the competition?

The Hackathon information and timeline will be continuously updated on our official Fanpage "Cuộc thi Tài năng Khởi nghiệp Sáng tạo - Young Innovators".

How do I get technical support?

To get technical help you can write to


For Young Innovators 2024 related queries, please reach out to

For technical queries during registration or proposal submission process, please reach out to